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Michael Carr Photography, Houston’s business portrait photographer, also offers group portraits for business professionals. Companies often have us go on location and photograph individual business headshots, as well as several looks for their group portraits. Group portraits are perfect for CEOs and CFOs, partners, and teams of individuals for law firms, board of directors, management and leadership teams, Realtor teams, and entrepreneurs. Depending upon the number of individuals, we can photograph your group business portrait in studio or on location at the company offices.

Group portraits can be photographed with individuals standing or the individuals seated. When photographed on location, group portraits are typically photographed in a board room setting, a conference room, or an open area within the company offices. Another option is to photograph the group on a white or solid gray background. The benefit with a solid background is that your graphics team can do drop outs and easily change the background for your photograph or add a company logo. Color harmony and complimentary clothing is essential when planning your group portrait. For men, we recommend that all suits are solid in color and complimentary, such as: charcoal, navy and black. The shirts should all be the same color, such as white, and ties should all be in the same color tone or complimentary in color. Ladies in the group portrait should wear a solid colored suit: jacket with pants paired with a colored shell or a solid top with no collar under the jacket. Ladies, remember to keep your accessories simple and to a minimum. You can read more clothing tips on our website here. If you would like to discuss your group business portrait or book your business portraits, please call the studio at 713-461-2862, and we can help you.

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