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Headshot Background Options

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Standard Business Headshot Background Options

101 – Solid Gray

Background Options for Houston Business Portraits

102– Solid Light Gray

Background Options for Houston Business Headshots

103 – Gradient Light Gray

Headshot Background Options - Real Estate

104 – Gradient  Gray

Dark Gradient Gray - Headshots for Business

Specialty Business Headshot Backgrounds

We also have office environment backgrounds in our studio for your business portrait. View the portfolio here.

105 – Solid White

Business Headshots for Oil & Gas

106 – Graphite Gray

Background Option for Business Headshots Graphite Gray

107 – Gradient Black

Houston headshot photographers

108 – Solid Black

Casual Headshots in Houston

109 – Blue Canvas

Business Portraits in Houston

110 – Brown Canvas

Houston Corporate Headshots

111 – Model Gray

Corporate Headshots in Houston

113 – Green Screen

Green Screen Headshot Background

As a professional portrait photographer in the Houston Metropolitan area for over 20 years, our work is widely used in oil and gas industry, financial annual reports and commercial real estate marketing press packets, PR packets, investor kits, board of director bios. Your business headshot can also be used on social media sites that require a headshot image. Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, all keep you connected with your contacts and in front of them 24/7.

Houston business headshot photographer, Michael Carr, offers a wide variety of headshot background options for business professionals. Professional lighting techniques and understanding facial analysis are both key factors to many effective headshot sessions. We provide business headshots for attorneys, realtors, doctors, financial advisors and corporate executives. Our studio is located in a commercial office building and offers the professional setting for any corporate executive. Click here for a map to view where we are located.

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