Benefits of Our Studio



Benefits of professional headshot photographer

Benefits of a Full Time Photographer – Michael Carr, CPP

  • CPP (Certified Professional Photographer)
  • Experienced full time portrait photographer with over 20 years of photography and portrait photography
  • Bachelor of Science in commercial photography
  • Knowledge of facial analysis and proper lighting
  • Knowledge of posing and proper camera angle to compliment different body types

Benefits of professional headshot photographer

Benefits of Our Commercial Studio

  • Commercial digital studio professionally equipped with state of the art equipment
  • Studio is centrally located within the Galleria area and within a commercial office building
  • Studio is equipped with workstations and servers for your digital storage requirements
  • Studio is equipped to handle individual sessions and high volume corporate requirements
  • Studio is equipped with dressing room and makeup station with lighted mirrors
  • Studio is equipped with an executive lounge area
  • Professional Makeup Artist available upon request at time of scheduling
  • Retouching available for your selected and final images

Benefits of professional headshot photographer

Our Digital Camera Room

  • Camera room is equipped with tethering and real time image previewing capabilities
  • Camera room is equipped with motorized background systems
  • Camera room is equipped with top of the line professional lighting equipment

Houston business headshot portrait photographer, Michael Carr, creates a new blend of corporate styles for local executives seeking a competitive edge in the corporate arena. When it comes to your digital presence, you have about 6 seconds to captivate your audience. Whether you are generating new business, networking online, or seeking career opportunities, your online headshot will determine if you are worth a look, a click, and possibly a call for engagement. Don’t make a rookie mistake and skip the opportunity to sell yourself through a strong digital presence. Understand the key principles of digital communication and you can leverage your professional image to effectively market yourself.

Experience the difference for yourself, we offer a unique product where image is everything.