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Professional Business Headshot Tips

Research your portrait photography market for your style of business portraiture. Prices vary from low to high in all markets but compare at least 3 studio’s portfolios before basing a decision on price alone. Reshoots can be a costly mistake.

Professional business attire is a key element in business portraits. Before a session, we recommend trying on 2 suit jackets to ensure a proper fit. For our market, a blue, gray or black suit jacket work well for our local industries. Click here for our clothing tips.

Capturing the right expression for your industry is critical. The incorrect expression can do more harm than good for an online presence. A professional can help create the correct expression for a specific industry.

Professional lighting can add or subtract weight to the subject’s face or overall image. The basic principles of broad lighting and short lighting techniques can help assist with some the lighting challenges.

Professional studio backgrounds can add impact to an overall mood of a portrait. If you are looking for a change or an update to your headshot image, a professional can recommend and create a lighting design that will achieve such results.

Body language is paramount. Seek a professional who’s attention to detail encompasses proper business posture. Improper posing can leave business attire unflattering and ill fitted. Business leaders should look like business leaders.

Finally, hire the best you can afford, its your BRANDING. A portrait professional can perform the above tasks in a timely manner. Creating a great image is 40% photography and 60% connecting with your target client.

Michael Carr Photography is a full time portrait studio based in Houston, Texas. The opinions expressed above are tips gathered from over 20 years working as a full time professional photographer. Business Portraiture is a service we offer at our Galleria location.

To view our portfolio click here or to schedule a portrait session to update your business headshot for a website, bio page or for social media profiles such as LinkedIn, call 713-461-2862.

Social Media Headshots

Social media technology plays a major role in today’s business world. Breaking news is tweeted or hash tagged in seconds with new information being released instantaneously.  Corporation V cards are used daily in the business world around the globe as a daily form of business introductions.  Corporate directories and annual reports are filled with business portraits showcasing corporate leadership.  A polished professional portrait adds value to your presentations, proposals, and online business biographies. Let’s face it, digital media is here to stay and has proven to be effective amongst business leaders.  For business professionals, a prime example is LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn data, a social media bio is 11x’s more likely to be clicked on and viewed when there is an image included on an individual’s profile page. There are two important factors to keep in mind for your LinkedIn social media headshot profile image.

social media headshots

1) Visual communication in business is powerful and makes a positive impact when dealing with potential clients or professional counterparts.  If you do not have a photo for your professional profile page, this can have a big impact on the overall appearance of your profile giving the impression your profile is incomplete.

2) Your social media headshot needs to be polished and professional. Casual photos that some may use on Facebook are not a good choice on LinkedIn. Keep your headshot professional.  Remember, first impressions count, and people do business with people they trust so be sure that your picture conveys the impression of the warm, professional, friendly person that you really are.

You can view more helpful tips for your social media headshots here Michael Carr Photography can capture and provide you with Houston social media headshots.

social media headshots

We are a full service commercial portrait studio specializing in executive portraits and business headshots. Our session services include a complementary clothing consultation to help you select clothing for your headshot session. Before and during your business portrait session, Michael Carr performs a visual facial analysis to determine your most flattering side and adjusts the lighting equipment placement to help shape your face to best compliment your facial bone structure. We all want to be photographed on our best side and look slim! Michael Carr has over 20 years of photographic experience and knowledge. Rest assured, you are coming to a professional that delivers consistent results time and time again.  The Houston headshots for social media studio is located in a professional office building in the Galleria area, 77057, with convenient access to major freeways: I-10, 610, and 59. Visit our site to view our portfolio, clothing tips and contact us. We can be reached via phone at 713-461-2862.

4 Tips to Hiring a Professional Photographer

If you are redesigning your website, implementing a new visual marketing campaign, or rebranding your corporate image, it’s important to hire a photographer who understands your vision and provides insights how to visually communicate your brand.

At Michael Carr Photography  at 713-461-2862, we begin our commercial projects with a consultation meeting with the creative stakeholders to discuss the overall vision of your company’s imagery.  This process allows us to determine your business objectives, brand requirements, and logistics to achieve a successful project. That’s why knowing what to look for in a professional photographer will help you hire the best photographer for the job.


Business Photographer
What to Look for in a Professional Photographer

  1. Does the photographer have any relevant examples related to your industry?

– Hire a professional photographer with training and experience in lighting, posing, and branding.

– Ask to see a portfolio of work that are similar to your industry such as authors, law firms, energy executives, and doctors.

– Make sure your photographer has excellent interpersonal and customer service skills. This will help you feel relaxed during your photography session. Your business portraits will look natural and capture your personality.

– Select a photographer with quality references and photography certifications.


  1. Does the photographer work in studio or on location?   Do they have the business systems to handle your scope of work?

  Consult with your photographer to discuss the overall vision of your company’s imagery:

– What is the corporate image you want to portray?

Where will the  images be used within the marketing collateral (web, print, both)?

– What format and sizes are required for final images?

– Where will the photo sessions take place: corporate headquarters, on-location, in-studio, off-site?

– What type of background is required: basic white, graphite, gray or environmental?

Make sure the photographer you’re hiring has a  studio, equipment, and lighting setup to execute your digital imagery. Also, ask if proper backup systems are in place to archive and retrieve your images efficiently. Or, they will specify their policy on how long they store your files.  

How to Hire a Professional Photographer

  1. Does the photographer have an eye for detail and provides insights how to visually communicate your brand?

– Hire a photographer with an attention to detail ranges from proper clothing selection, body language, and posing techniques.

– Search the photographer’s website for articles on what to wear to a portrait session, posing tips, and frequently asked questions.

– Look for a photographer that offers on-set viewing of your session images as they are being captured. This will enhance your portrait session by viewing captured images in real time while on set.  

– Ask for natural, subtle retouching on business images. You want your clients to see a positive representation of you.

For clothing tips for your business portrait session, visit www.michaelcarr.photography/clothing-tips/.


  1. Is the photographer within your budget?

A photographer’s job is more than just pressing the shutter button. A professional photographer uses a combination of lighting, posing and post-processing to make your vision a reality. They learn these techniques after years of experience, training  and certifications. When you hire a professional photographer, you’re paying them for their expertise, their quality of work, and your desired results.

Finally, evaluate a photographer on their entire offering and value. Don’t focus only on price. The wrong photographer might make things worse so do your due diligence and be thorough in your research.

Corporate headshots

Call Michael Carr Photography today at 713-461-2862 and experience the difference of a professional photographer in Houston, TX.  Visit www.michaelcarr.photography to discover the benefits of choosing Michael Carr Photography for your commercial photography needs.

About Michael Carr Photography

Michael Carr is a full-time Professional Photographer located in a commercial office building within the Memorial area (77057). Mr. Carr holds a B. S. in Photography and is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) with Professional Photographers of America (PPA). For a review of our portfolio, visit our website at www.Michaelcarr.photography or call 713-461-2862 to book your session.

Business Portrait Pricing in Houston

A professional online profile image, or business portrait, is more than just “Price”, it’s an investment towards your visual representation and your business. A professional business portrait speaks volumes when it comes to making a strong digital introduction and lasting impression. To maintain the competitive edge in the digital driven business world, it’s crucial to present a polished and professional headshot for online marketing materials such as a corporate profile web pages, commercial proposals, press releases, corporate biography pages, and business social networks.

Above, are sample images for your review:
(Example A) is a common lighting technique used by others in our industry.
(Example B) is an example of Michael’s standard lighting setup for business portraits.

About the Artist.

Houston portrait artist, Michael Carr, offers the professional photography you need to capture the quality executive portraits to market your online image. Michael’s attention to detail ranges from proper clothing selection, body language, and posing techniques. His effective use of lighting techniques and his firm understanding of facial analysis are talents that have been acquired through over 20 years of portrait photography experience and training. His clients include authors, law firms, and energy executives from several of Houston’s oil and gas industries.

The studio is conveniently located off 610 and Woodway within the Tanglewood area (77057) in a commercial office building. The studio is equipped with state of the art digital equipment and real time previewing during the headshot sessions. The sessions are photographed using a five light setup tethered to a 22″ monitor for quick previews during a session. On set adjustments to expressions, hair or jewelry are quickly addressed allowing sessions to be completed within 15 minutes.

Image previews are ready for presentation within minutes after the sessions are completed. Business professionals can relax or continue to conduct business as the studio is equipped with a full internet lounge and conference area for today’s professional.

Michael Carr Photography is a full service studio specializing in portraiture with several studio background options to select from. In addition to in studio sessions, we also offer location business sessions. Please call for a quote when inquiring about these services. To view more of our portfolio samples, visit www.michaelcarr.photography or to schedule your session call the studio at 713-461-2862.

Tips for Your Business Portrait

Below are a few helpful tips to prepare for your business portrait session and executive business headshot:
1) Clothing tips for your business portrait:
What to wear? Does your clothing fit properly and do feel confident? Try on your outfit or suit at home first. We always recommend solid colors and neutral tones and classic clothing lines. You do not want someone to look at your portrait, and be able to date it based on your clothing and clothing style (shoulder pads and big hair screams 80’s fashion). You want your viewers to notice your face and expression first, then clothing. Do not let your clothing overpower your business portrait. Men should select a tie that is classic and not too busy of a pattern or color. Your tie and suit choice should be a recent suit and properly fitted. If you do not wear a suit often, then it would be a good idea to try it on well before your session to make sure it fits correctly. Men- if your suit is a bit snug, or you cannot button your jacket or collar of your shirt then it is time to invest in new clothing. Clothes that are too tight or that do not fit you properly will photograph poorly and you will not be comfortable during your session. You can view more clothing tips here.
2) Make up and Hair:
We recommend you either contacting our partner salon for make up and hair, or going to a salon you have used in the past and feel comfortable with. Makeup should be the correct tone, shade and intensity: not too dark and not too light. A fresh blow out will do wonders, and you will be ready for a fun night out after your session.
3) It’s Session Day:
First, relax and breathe. We will help you feel relaxed and comfortable for your headshot session. We will walk you through and talk with you to help provoke the expression you are wanting for your portrait. When your session is over, we will also help you select your final images.
Michael Carr Photography specializes in Portrait Photography for executives and business professionals. To learn more about our studio and portrait photography for your professional business portraits and family portraits, visit www.michaelcarr.photography or call 713-461-2862.