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Passport Photos – Houston, TX 77057

Passport Photos
Passport Photos – Houston, TX 77057

Michael Carr is a professional photographer with a studio located in the Houston Galleria Area.

As a service line to our commercial portrait division, we offer passport photos.

We guarantee all of our passport images to be accurate and accepted by the passport office. We have a 100% acceptance rate. Should an issue arise, we will reshoot your session at no charge.

We are a commercial photography studio. Our studio space offers clients the following amenities: dressing rooms, corporate lounge area, and multiple digital workstations to facilitate the ordering process.

We work by appointment only. If you have an emergency, call us at 713-461-2862.

Women’s Contemporary Portrait Photography

Womens Contemporary Portrait Photography Houston

Women’s Contemporary Portrait Photography

Women’s Contemporary Portrait Photography by Michael Carr Photography is designed for career-oriented women who are beyond the status quo and want a magazine style portrait for their personal branding needs.

At Michael Carr Photography, based in Houston, Texas, we photograph many women who are business executives, professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, and public figures. These types of clients want magazine-quality portraits for their website, social media platforms, and marketing collateral to promote their business and communicate their story.

Through proper clothing selection, dramatic lighting and natural posing, Women’s Contemporary Portrait Photography by Michael Carr Photography personalizes your digital identity by capturing your unique essence with creative lighting techniques.


Women’s Contemporary Portrait
Women’s Contemporary Portraiture Collection vs Traditional Headshots

What makes our Women’s Contemporary Portraiture Collection different from a traditional headshot?

The Women’s Contemporary Portraiture Collection by Michael Carr Photography features editorial and lifestyle attributes to enhance your visual persona, connect with your audience, and translate your message. Most contemporary sessions include a mixture of dramatically lit images using solid backgrounds which helps to bring focus to the subject. Some sessions include elements of simple furnishings to create a more casual and relaxed portrait image. In contrast a traditional headshot may focus on matching your head and shoulder business portrait to other images on a company website or directory page. A traditional company business portrait may require a generic lighting style that is consistent for most type of subjects versus a personalized lighting style that compliments your own features.

Women’s Contemporary Portrait sessions by Michael Carr Photography are designed to portray an individual’s confidence in front of the camera and are tailored specifically for you. Here are four tips to make your Contemporary Portrait session an incredible experience.

contemporary portrait photography

  1. Start with a Consultation

Each Women’s Contemporary Portrait Photography session begins with a consultation to review your session goals, where the images will be used for marketing collateral, and what format and sizes are required for final images.

  1. Plan for Your Professional Hair and Makeup

Female professionals should have their hair and make-up done by a professional hairstylist and makeup artist the day of your session. A professional makeup artist will highlight your best features and choose the right colors to compliment your outfit for your photography session. We are happy to provide recommendations upon request. Also, consider your hands as they may show in your portrait. Some clients opt to get a manicure before their session and select a clear polish or neutral color for their nails.

contemporary portrait photography

  1. Select Attire that Complement Your Best Features

Women’s contemporary portraits have the emphasis on you. Your clothing should reflect your professional style and the business image you want to deliver as part of your personal brand. Blouses, skirts, dresses, and jackets should be in a solid color or have a light pattern. Feel free to bring up to 3-5 clean, well-pressed outfits to your session. If you normally wear glasses, wear them in your portrait. Lastly, when it comes to jewelry, less is best. We recommend wearing pearls or diamonds for a classic and polished look.

  1. Design Your Women’s Contemporary Portrait Collection

At the end of your portrait session, you will review your images and make your selection. Women’s Contemporary Portrait sessions with multiple clothing changes are time efficient and typically completed within 45 minutes. A digital artist will edit your final images in digital enhancement software to soften puffiness under the eyes, minimize smile lines and refine the portrait.

From the final images, clients select a collection of custom framed prints to display in their office, home, and to give as gifts to loved ones.


Michael Carr Photography

If you are looking for magazine-quality images to visually appeal to your target market and capture your personal brand, schedule your Michael Carr Photography Women’s Contemporary Portrait Photography session today at 713-461-2862.

About Michael Carr Photography

Michael Carr is a professional full-time Portrait Photographer located in the Memorial area (77057). The studio is located in a commercial office building at the corner of Woodway & Chimney Rock. For a review of our portfolio, visit our website at www.michaelcarr.photography or call 713-461-2862 to book your session.


Is it Time to Refresh Your Business Headshot

To get ahead in business, you need to be intentional about your brand image and the way you present your products and services.

Remember, the goal is to stand out in business. Especially, when it comes to online marketing. Business professionals need to brand themselves and market their services in a different manner than their competition. Executive portraiture can help you place a cutting edge on your services vs your competitors. Ultimately, determining who ends up getting the phone call.

Business Headshot

A Business Portrait is not Just a Picture.
It is your Personal Branding.

Customers want to connect with people who are industry professionals who they feel they can trust. This is why a business portrait is not just a picture. It is your personal branding.

Every industry and corporate position has a unique look and persona for their business portrait. A prime example of this is that a trial attorney would not be photographed in the same manner as a marketing representative or physician.

So when creating or updating your online presence, you need to consider how your personal brand and corporate image can enhance your website and professional bio.

Business Headshot

Is it Time to Refresh Your Corporate Image?
Ready to stand out and get ahead of your competition? Call Michael Carr Photography at 713-461-2862 today to schedule your business headshot.

Michael Carr Photography is a commercial portrait studio offering professional corporate portraiture for business leaders. We are a full-service studio, we can handle all phases of your portrait session from the capture phase, retouching and image enhancement phase, and final delivery of your digital business portrait. We frequently work with marketing directors and marketing departments to help them create a cohesive image campaign for their offices. Should your company or art director have specific image requests or guidelines, please let us know. We listen and can meet company expectations and guidelines. Call 713-461-2862 to contact us and schedule your business headshot today, and visit our site here to learn more about our services.

Corporate Portraits in Houston

It’s 2019 and time to revisit your business leadership page for opportunities to gain and maintain a competitive edge with your online business presence.

Whether you are a marketing director or creative director, your mission is to make sure your company’s imagery matches your brand. Your company’s website and quality of your business images communicate to potential clients how you conduct business. Make it a point today and review your business leadership page.  What statement does this page and the images convey?

If you’re tasked to update your company’s website, here are four tips to make sure your business portraits match your brand.

Houston Headshots

  1. Hire a Professional Photographer

Hiring a Professional Photographer can help you rebrand your company’s website in a positive way.

At Michael Carr Photography, we begin our commercial projects with a consultation meeting with the creative stakeholders to discuss the overall vision of your company’s imagery. We recommend that you have a detailed goal in mind and have a clear objective:

– what is the corporate image you want to portray?

– where will the  images be used within the marketing collateral (web, print, both)?

– what format and sizes are required for final images?

– where will the photo sessions take place: corporate headquarters, on-location, in-studio, off-site?

– what type of background is required: basic white, graphite, gray or environmental?

Plan ahead to provide the business requirements and file specifications for the project during the consultation meeting.

  1. Know Your Options

Your company’s imagery should match your brand. That’s why you need to know your portrait options to conform to your corporate branding. At Michael Carr Photography, we offer a wide range of portrait options including:

– location editorial portraits

– traditional corporate portraits in our studio or on location

– location environmental portraits

– color or black and white portraits in our studio or on location

– head and shoulder, ¾ length portraits, or full-length portraits.

We recommend clients invest in business portraits for the whole team to ensure company branding is consistent from executive leadership to board members, and across all marketing collateral and website imagery. View our corporate portrait portfolio online at MichaelCarr.photography.com or call 713-461-2862 to schedule your business portrait session today.

Houston Business Portrait

  1. Stay Consistent

To provide a positive experience for your audience, it is essential to stay consistent with your website images. Consistency and approachability are the biggest factors that create a competitive edge in business.

As you review your website images, consider the following:

– Does your leadership page have corporate consistency regarding background, and branding?

– Are the backgrounds the same, are the images the same size, is the portrait lighting consistent?

– Is the attire consistent: open collar versus coat and tie?

– Are some images taken in-studio and some outdoors?

– Is the posing style consistent: head tilt versus straight on?

– Are the body crops consistent throughout the page ?

– How dated are the corporate images on your website?

Set a standard for your corporate imagery to match your brand. This way, your image updates for new hires or staff changes in the future will remain consistent.

Corporate headshots

  1. Understand the Value of Your Image

While it might be tempting to select a photographer based on price to save a few dollars, it’s best not to damage your business image with amateur photography. Your first impression should connect with your audience and communicate your corporate brand.  Michael Carr Photography will guide your posing, head position, clothing selection and expressions to capture your best look. When you understand the value of your professional image, you’ll understand why it’s not about price but the desired results.

Call Michael Carr Photography today at 713-461-2862 and experience the difference of a brand-focused commercial session.


About Michael Carr Photography

Michael Carr is a full-time Professional Photographer located in a commercial office building within the Memorial area (77057) .  For a review of our portfolio, visit our website at www.Michaelcarr.photography or call 713-461-2862 to book your session.

Houston Business Portraits

Houston business portrait photographer, Michael Carr, CPP, recently photographed this doctor and his team here in the studio. Michael consulted with his client, over the phone before the scheduled session. The client wanted to revamp his website and overall image branding on his site, and felt that updated business portraits would help with that. Here are the images and the end result from the in studio business portrait sessions. The Doctor opted to have two looks for his business headshots: one with his lab coat and one look in a suit. By having these two looks, he is able to use the images for speaking engagements as well as professional bios and on marketing collateral. He also opted to have his entire team photographed together as well as individual headshots for each staff member. Now when prospective patients visit his site, they can place a face with a name, and feel a connection with him as well as his staff.

In today’s market, corporate leaders and business professionals are looking for ways to brand themselves and market their services in a different manner than their competition. Executive portraits can help you place a cutting edge on your services vs your competitor and ultimately determine who ends up getting the phone call. Your corporate image speaks volumes about you and your business. In a digital age where searching for services is occurring during all hours of the day, it is key to have your best image forward at all times. This theory applies to not only websites, but also social media apps such as LinkedIn, professional trade sites, and your marketing kit collateral.

A headshot is not just a headshot. It is your personal branding.

Michael Carr Photography is a commercial portrait studio offering professional corporate portraiture for business leaders. Call us today at 713-461-2862 to discuss your business portrait options. Our studio is located near The Galleria area, in Tanglewood, 77057. Business leaders from Bellaire, Tx, West U, River Oaks, Tanglewood, Memorial, Katy and surrounding Houston areas, come to our studio for their business portrait. Michael Carr is one of the few Certified Professional Photographers (CPP) in Houston, TX, that specializes in Business Portraits.

Call 713-461-2862 today to discuss your vision for your professional business headshot or to discuss portrait options. We accept appointments M-F and have a weekly after hours schedule available as well.